Morsø Kamino Outdoor Fireplace & Patio Heater


This outdoor fireplace is for those that can appreciate a fireplace of timeless Danish design in their outdoor space, whilst also having the option of cooking on the Fire. With a wealth of benefits,
Kamino is one of a kind.

Designed in cast iron the Kamino is not just used as a decorative Fire in Denmark – the Tuscan grill can be combined with the Kamino, thus allowing for the preparation of light meals,  sausages, twist-bread or marshmallows over the fire.

Morsø Kamino Features

The Kamino is movable and – when cold – it can be positioned relative to wind and equipment.

Morsø Kamino opens your garden to a range of outdoor activities in the
early months of spring, on cool summer evenings, and even into the beginning of autumn. The high flu directs smoke away from your gathering giving you all the heat and warm glow of a hot fire without the uncomfortable smoke.